Shopping Terms of Service

  1. Lai Yingfang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) provides services on this website in accordance with these shopping service terms (hereinafter referred to as the service).
  2. When you browse or use this service (including but not limited to: text, pictures, messages, videos, web pages, hyperlinks, files on this website), it means that you have read the following terms in detail, and agree to all terms and conditions. The Company will modify or change the contents of these Terms of Service at any time and announce them on the Company's website (henstyle and related websites, hereinafter referred to as this website) without prior notice.
  3. After these Terms of Service have been modified or changed, if you continue to use the Service, it will be deemed that you have carefully read and agreed to the updated terms. If you do not agree, you should terminate your use of the Service immediately.
  4. When you read these terms of service, if you are under 20 years old, you should inform the company in advance and obtain the consent of your legal representative before you can use this service; if you conceal, fail to inform, or fabricate that you are under the age of When you are 20 years old or without the consent of your legal agent, the company has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and related established and unestablished purchase orders when it learns of it, and has the right to request that your legal agent be jointly and severally liable with you.
  1. If you agree to provide your correct personal information, you can apply to register as a member of this website; after you complete the registration, you can log in to this website to participate in related activities and shopping.
  2. You should guarantee that the information provided to this website is complete and correct. If there is any change in personal information, you must actively log in online to modify it or contact customer service staff for processing. If you provide any wrong or untrue information , the company has the right to suspend or terminate your membership and refuse to continue to provide services to you.
  3. You have the obligation and responsibility to keep your "membership account and password" properly. You should update your password from time to time and must not leak, lend, transfer, share or make it known to a third party in any other way or name. You should also Make sure to log out after each use to prevent others from using it illegally. All actions using the member account and password of this group to log in to this website, unless it can be proven that they have been misappropriated by a third party and are not caused by reasons attributable to you, will be deemed to be your own actions, and you must bear full responsibility. If your account is misappropriated due to reasons that are not attributable to the Company, the Company will not be liable for any personal losses.
  4. When the preceding situation occurs or your account and password are lost, you should immediately notify this site to report the loss. Orders or fees incurred before your notification will not be automatically waived due to notification. If the company is unable to effectively prevent and modify due to failure to notify immediately, it shall be fully responsible for all losses caused.

The company complies with the Personal Data Protection Act and related laws and regulations to provide registration, website login, information, product ordering, marketing (including but not limited to: sending event and product discount information, issuing coupons), usage surveys and statistical data, research, customer service and other services, and to contact website users, or in the following situations, you agree that during the use of this service, our company, this website, its affiliated companies and partners, manufacturers, may Collect, process, save, transmit, and use the information you retain that directly or indirectly identifies individuals within the scope of legal restrictions (including but not limited to: name, ID card number, contact information, email, date of birth, gender, address, IP address URL, cookies and usage behavior, purchased products):

  1. In accordance with the law or the requirements of the police, judicial authorities or other competent authorities based on legal procedures.
  2. In emergency situations, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of other website users or third parties.
  3. To maintain the normal operation of this website.
  4. Necessary information on cash flow, logistics or other third-party vendors to provide the company's related services.
  5. Any violation of government laws or the terms of use of this website by website users.
  6. Our company and this website are linked to each other. Otherwise, if you link to other websites, the terms of use and privacy policy of this website do not apply.
  1. The items you put in the shopping cart or submit the order form does not mean that the order process has been completed. After you submit the order order online, this website will automatically send you a notification via email or other means. , but this notification only informs you that this service has received your order message, and does not mean that the contract has been established. This website still reserves the right to accept your order. The company reserves the right not to accept your order and ask you to remove it from the shopping cart depending on the inventory and current condition of the product.
  2. The products you put into the shopping cart or submit the order form will only be completed after the company replies to confirm acceptance of the order. The contract between the two parties will be established. The company will confirm the acceptance based on the reply. The contents of the purchase order are shipped.
  3. You agree and understand that the product prices and other advertisements, promotions or related information marked on this website are all inducements of offers, and the nature of your order is an offer. The company has the right to refuse the commitment in any way. your offer or the withdrawal of your order.
  4. If there are any errors in product prices and other advertising, promotions or related information on this website, the company will make corrections at any time through official announcements. Please pay attention to the announcements at any time. You must make purchases in accordance with the quantities, specifications, pictures, descriptions, prices or related transaction conditions marked on the products on this website. If the aforementioned markings have obvious or inferable errors, the company has the right to refuse or reject the order after you complete the ordering process. Cancel your order.
  5. If you choose to pay with a credit card, debit card, bank account or other third-party payment account, even if you have entered relevant information on this website, it is only to confirm the validity of the information and related transactions. The purpose of authorization does not mean that you have paid or the transaction has been completed or the contract has been established. If your credit card, debit card, bank account or other third-party payment account has been paid, and your order is rejected or canceled by the company, the company will refund the money directly to your original purchase account.
  6. For all online purchases made on this website, website users agree to be subject to the electronic transaction information recorded in the online shopping; if website users find that the transaction information is incorrect, they should immediately notify the customer service center of this website. If there is a dispute, website users agree to use the electronic transaction data as the criterion for identification.
  7. The same consumer places orders multiple times with multiple accounts. The company reserves the right to decide to ship only to a single account according to the upper quantity limit. .
  8. If the freight charges change, this website will announce it at any time, so please be sure to pay attention before confirming your order.

◎ How to track order progress
Regarding the shipment progress of the goods, you can go to My Account>Orders>select the order number and click "Check".

◎ Specifications for the use of discount coupons
1.Discount coupons can only be used online at Carter's│Oshkosh official website.
2.Only one discount coupon can be used per online checkout.
3.The discount coupon can only be used once and no change will be given. Once used, it cannot be restored.
4.For orders that use discount coupons from this site, if the product is returned or canceled in whole or in part, the discount coupon will become invalid and cannot be returned.
5.Discount coupons have their validity period and cannot be used after the expiration date and cannot be restored.
6.Discount coupons cannot be used to offset shipping costs.
7.Some products and discounts cannot be used in conjunction with discount coupons. This website reserves the right of final interpretation and modification. Electronic invoices issued for consumption on this website do not have physical paper invoices and will not be sent. This website will upload the issued electronic invoices to the Ministry of Finance’s electronic invoice integration service platform within the period for storage. You can use the Ministry of Finance's Electronic Invoice Integration Platform ( to return electronic invoices to your home and return your member's vehicles to your home. Winning invoices that have been returned to your home will be notified and processed by the "Ministry of Finance Electronic Invoice Integration Platform"; and winning invoices that have not been returned to your home will be notified by this website via email and SMS. After you provide the winning invoice delivery address, Sent by registered mail. (For instructions on the return of electronic invoices and member vehicles, please see the Ministry of Finance’s Electronic Invoice Integration Platform

◎ Will invoices with unified/header filled in be sent? ?When will it be sent?
The invoice with the unified/header filled in will be sent to the email address filled in during registration within 3 working days of the invoice issuance, with an attached PDF file of "Electronic Invoice Certification Coupon" ; If you have not received it, please contact customer service. The electronic invoice integration platform of the Ministry of Finance shall have one issue every two months. Before the lottery day, the detailed information of the electronic invoice donated by the buyer for that issue shall be notified to each donation recipient organization, and the electronic invoice integration platform of the Ministry of Finance shall, after the prize is matched, Notify the recipient organization to receive the award. In addition, according to legal regulations, it is not possible to obtain a paper invoice for a donated invoice and change the donation recipient. If there is a need for return or exchange, the company will invalidate the invoice. 00~12:00, 13:00~17:30 (excluding national holidays)
Leave a message: My Account>Order>Select the order number and click "View">Seller and customer order communication "Leave a message" and Click "Send"

◎ How to collect the winning invoice and redeem the prize?
The system will automatically notify the winning consumer by email, and the service staff will print the winning invoice Send later.

◎ Will the invoices that I did not win be sent to me?
According to the Ministry of Finance Order Tai Cai Zi Zi No. 1020002795 "Key Points for the Implementation of Electronic Invoices", consumption on this website will be issued Li's unified invoices will not be sent automatically, but they need to be uploaded to the integrated service platform for storage within the time limit. Consumers can use the Ministry of Finance's electronic invoice integrated platform to check consumption records.

◎ Can I specify the issuance date, change the product name or change the amount on the invoice?
Sorry! The order invoice is printed automatically by the system. The product name on the invoice will be issued according to the product name and amount ordered. Please do not specify the issuance date, change the product name or amount.

★Careful reminder★
We "will not proactively contact you by phone." Do not operate the ATM machine according to the instructions of the call.
If you receive a suspected fraud call, please contact customer service as soon as possible or call 165 anti-fraud hotline.

165 anti-fraud consultation hotline related information
165 official website:

  1. On the online service platform provided by this website, consumers have the right to enjoy a 7-day appreciation period after the goods arrive (the arrival date is calculated based on the home delivery receipt, and the 7 days include holidays). Please note that the appreciation period is not the same as the trial period. When receiving the product, please first confirm whether the content of the product is complete and whether the quantity of the product is correct. (※Reminder: Do not open the package before you are sure whether to return the product.)
  2. The goods sold in the mall can only be returned but not exchanged, and the points and coupons will not be returned. If you need to exchange the goods, , please handle the return and place an order again.
  3. If you want to return the item, the entire cost will be refunded, but the shipping fee will not be refunded. If you use points or discounts for the entire order, you cannot return individual items, and you need to return the entire order together.
  4. Do not open the package before you are sure whether you want to return it; if the product you purchased falls under the "Applicable Criteria for All Reasonable Exceptions to Cancellation of Telecommunication Transactions" (Taiwan Consumer Protection Order No. 1040155809) The product cannot be restored to its original state once opened. Please do not open the product before confirming whether to return it. Once disassembled, it means that you are satisfied with the product and have started using it. Please understand that this behavior will affect your return rights.
  5. The "Applicable Guidelines for Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Cancellation of Communications Transactions" in the preceding paragraph exclude products that have a 7-day cancellation right under Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act:
  • Easy Corruption, short shelf life or about to expire at the time of termination.
  • Customized benefits based on consumer requirements.
  • Newspaper, periodical or magazine.
  • Audio-visual products or computer software that have been opened by consumers.
  • Digital content that is not provided in tangible media or online services that are completed once provided must be provided with the prior consent of the consumer.
  • Personal hygiene products that have been opened.

6. If the following circumstances occur when returning goods, your rights to return the goods will be affected (including but not limited to: having to pay relevant fees according to the supplier's quotation, etc.):

  • The products, user manuals, related equipment, gifts or accessories are not complete.
  • The appearance of the product and outer box is stained or scratched (including the outer box barcode removed).
  • The product warranty sticker is damaged.
  • Consumables and personal hygiene products have been unpacked.
  • Others that are specifically stated on the company's product sales website.

7. After the product you return has been inspected by the supplier and is correct, the company will complete the refund process in approximately 10 - 14 working days (excluding holidays).

8. Each order is limited to one return. If the number of returns exceeds 2 times (inclusive) due to personal factors, we will suspend or terminate your shopping and service qualifications. Please forgive me.

9. If you apply for a return, in order to speed up the return and refund process, you agree that our company can handle electronic invoices, discount orders or sales return orders and other related matters on your behalf.

10. Failure to pick up the product after ordering or returning the product more than 2 times (inclusive) without reason is considered malicious, and the company may suspend or terminate the delivery service.

11. All matters not stated in detail will comply with all relevant provisions of the laws of the Republic of China.

◎ How to cancel an order
Call to apply: 0800-000-618 / Service hours: Monday to Friday 09:00~12:00, 13 :00~17:30 (except national holidays).
Message application: My Account>Order>Select the order number and click "View">Seller and customer order communication "Leave a message" and click "Send".

All materials, information, trademarks, pictures, illustrations, website structure, programming, screen arrangement, web page layout, other marks and information, etc. published on this website belong to the Company or its rights holders. It has the protection of intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademark laws, patent laws, trade secret laws and fair trade laws in accordance with the law. Without the prior authorization of the company or the rights holder, you may not use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, modify, distribute, transfer, publish or reverse engineer at any time (including but not limited to). Otherwise, the company and the relevant rights holders will be prosecuted in accordance with the law. Claim or seek civil and criminal liability.

If the following circumstances occur, the company may suspend or terminate the delivery service, and website users shall not request compensation or make any claims:

  1. Due to the software and hardware equipment of the server set up by the website and electronic communication equipment. If you cannot log in for some reason, orders that have been confirmed will still be delivered.
  2. Force majeure such as accidental events or natural disasters, including but not limited to: fire, flood, earthquake, power outage, explosion, flood, natural disaster, war, riot, civil strife, failure of cargo transportation equipment and machinery, national defense ,government policy.
  3. Website users violate legal requirements.
  4. Other provisions of this contract have stipulated the reasons for suspending or terminating delivery.

Users of this website shall not claim for inconvenience, loss of time, economic loss or other losses caused by the suspension or interruption of the preceding service.

This website will maintain the normal operation of the website in a manner and technology that is consistent with current reasonable expectations for security. This website has the right to suspend the provision of services when the following circumstances occur, without any obligation to notify you in advance. This website is not responsible for any compensation or compensation for any direct or indirect damage:

  1. Relocation, replacement, upgrade, maintenance or repair of the relevant software and hardware equipment of this website.
  2. Force majeure such as accidental events or natural disasters, including but not limited to: fire, flood, earthquake, power outage, explosion, flood, natural disaster, war, riot, civil strife, failure of cargo transportation equipment and machinery, national defense , government policies, leading to service termination or interruption.
  3. Service suspension or interruption due to interruption by telecommunications companies or Internet service companies or other reasons not attributable to the Company.
  4. This website has been affected by external forces, causing the information to be incorrect, forged, tampered with, deleted or retrieved, or causing the system to be interrupted and unable to operate normally.
  5. The user's service will be suspended or terminated if the user violates the terms of use of this website or laws.
  6. It is necessary for our company and this website to suspend or terminate services.
  7. When our company and this website need to suspend or terminate services, we will try our best to announce it on the website in advance.

In order to protect the rights and interests of all users of this website, our company may immediately suspend or terminate your shopping qualifications and some or all of our services when you have the following circumstances, and the website users will suffer losses as a result. , the company is not responsible for compensation or compensation:

  1. If the performance deadline is delayed due to reasons attributable to the website user, and the circumstances are serious.
  2. Provide false or incorrect information to log in.
  3. Forge or alter this contract or performance-related documents
  4. Steal credit cards or use financial accounts without my permission.
  5. Refuse to pay during "cash on delivery" for more than the third time without any reason.
  6. The company’s website determined that there was a malicious return.
  7. Harass, abuse, intimidate or behave inappropriately on our website.
  8. The company's website has determined that there is malicious intent and the company has called the police.
  9. Failure to perform the contract without justifiable reasons
  10. Violates other provisions of this contract.

You have agreed to the above matters, and our company and this website do not assume any obligations or responsibilities to you or third parties.

In addition to the terms of this agreement, you should also abide by the company's membership terms, privacy policy, various announcements on this website, and transaction-related restrictions on each product.

Your ordering, transactions or related consumption activities on this website, as well as the terms of this agreement, are governed by the laws of the Republic of China. If you are involved in any litigation, you agree that the Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall be the first place of jurisdiction. The court with jurisdiction over the trial.

This website reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement at any time. The revised terms of the agreement will be permanently posted in the member center of this website without prior individual notification; if you continue to place orders or other actions on this website, that is You are deemed to have understood and agreed to abide by the revised terms of the agreement.

If there is anything unsatisfied in this consent form, it will be interpreted, supplemented and handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China.