The number one baby brand in America!
Every piece of clothing is from "Made with love"

Intertwined with every care and intention, it makes the parent-child relationship closer!

Since 1865

More than half a century of persistence

Carter's mainly focused on manufacturing and selling adult underwear in the early days

In 1950, Carter's business focus shifted to children's clothing

In the ready-to-wear industry It has a history of more than 100 years

What really matters to moms、dads and kids?

Carter's knows Baby best!

The main focus is soft texture, no irritation or additives

The goal is to provide children with 100% comfort, safety and thoughtfulness.

The quality has been verified by the International Green Label recognized by the global textile and garment industry!


"The love and joy that comes from children"

is the inspiration for all products!

Children's clothing designs mostly feature colorful colors and cute totems!


Everything your baby needs!

With the most thoughtful design, the most selected materials and the most convenient purchasing method

as the first gift for your children and family!