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Carter's Starry Sky Lake Aqua Blue 4-piece Set (12M-24M)

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Carter's starry sky and lake blue 4-piece set is a set of cute and charming infant clothing, with the theme of starry sky and lake blue, bringing a fresh and romantic atmosphere to the baby, making the baby feel like they are in a beautiful place after wearing it The starry sky lakeside adds a fairy tale-like dreamy feel. Perfect for every occasion, this set will make your baby the center of attention, whether for everyday wear or special occasions. Carter's Starry Sky Lake Aqua Blue 4-piece set will become a treasure in your baby's wardrobe, accompanying your baby's growth and bringing countless sweet and happy moments.

Carter's is the No. 1 baby brand in the United States. It focuses on soft texture, no irritation or additives, and aims to provide 100% comfort, safety and thoughtfulness for children.

[Product Information]
●Origin: Myanmar
●Ingredients: 100% cotton

●Be sure to wash dark and light colored clothes separately.
●It is recommended to put it inside the laundry bag when washing or wash it by hand to maintain the integrity.
●It is recommended to use neutral detergent and the soaking time should not be too long to keep the color as bright as new.
●Each product is attached with a washing label. Please refer to the washing label for washing methods.

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子涵 蘇

Carter's 星空湖水藍4件組套裝(12M-24M)