Friendly reminder: One-piece styles, shirts, and warm clothing are all smaller (slender), so it will be more comfortable for your baby to choose one size larger!

Carter's Dessert Time 3-piece Set (6M-24M)

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After the game time, have some snacks to replenish your energy~ The snack time 3-piece set is a fashionable and comfortable baby clothing set. The design is simple and fashionable, using soft tones to create a comfortable and warm feeling. The material selected is soft and comfortable, allowing the baby to feel comfortable and relaxed when wearing it. This snack time 3-piece set allows your baby to express fashion and natural style in comfort. This set is suitable for everyday wear and will keep your baby comfortable and at ease. Soft tones create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, allowing your baby to express their personality and energy in style. This set is a great option to turn your baby into a mini fashionista during snack time.

Carter's is the No. 1 baby brand in the United States. It focuses on soft texture, no irritation or additives, and aims to provide 100% comfort, safety and thoughtfulness for children.

[Product Information]
●Origin: Bangladesh
●Ingredients: 60% cotton 40% polyester

●Please be sure to wear dark and light colored clothing Wash separately.
●It is recommended to put it inside the laundry bag when washing or wash it by hand to maintain the integrity.
●It is recommended to use neutral detergent and the soaking time should not be too long to keep the color as bright as new.
●Each product is attached with a washing label. Please refer to the washing label for washing methods.

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Arashi Huang

Carter's 點心時光3件組套裝(6M-24M)